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My big sister, my weight lifting coach, affected my life by not only motivating me in weight lifting to extend above my max but to also pursue my goals. Coach Tee played a huge role in my senior year by assisting me with my time management skills and teaching me to prioritize. As a senior with rigorous courses, who was applying for colleges and scholarships, every week she would assign an additional task for me to complete. Learning to meet deadlines and to focus on what really matters first letting everything after that fall into place has to be one of the greatest lessons taught. Now as a college student at The Florida State University I know the importance of developing good time management skills and having your priorities straight because it heavily impacts your performance. In our weekly tutoring sessions, she would always tell the group to never just settle to be above average and in all things to trust in God and put God first. Almost a year I am still using the same advice that was given and applying the lessons to my everyday life at the college of dreams. 


Thank you, so much 

Caryma Cook

Hi, my name is Faith Holmes. I'm a current freshman at Howard University majoring in African American studies and minoring  in Sociology . I met Coach T (Ms.Hopson) my  senior year of high school while participating on her weight lifting team at Robert E. Lee. While on the team Coach T had a college prep for all her seniors ,which consisted of her helping us find scholarship, reviewing our essays, and writing outstanding letters of recommendations. Coach T made sure that we all felt supported and  knew that she was a shoulder we could lean on.  Also watching her go after what she loves has motivated me personally, due to her demonstration of grit. I love you Coach and you have made us all proud!!

Everyone has That one person that they look up too for multiple things in life. For me

that person is Coach Tonya ... I love her to pieces and she has been such an inspiration

to not only but also my family and the community. She Has successfully helped me

succeed with my track and field career and I greatly appreciate her for that. During my

high school years at Atlantic coast high school coach Tonya was not only a coach but

also a teacher and top it off a preacher , She guided me and helped me make the right

decisions to get my diploma and also a Full ride track scholarship at Florida

International University. I couldn’t thank her more and give her more praise for the

wonderful deeds she has done in my life. I can’t explain it all in words but Coach Tonya I am more than grateful for you being apart of my life.

Thank you,

Destiny Fowler

Top Notch was very helpful in getting my mindset right and pushing through even when your body is telling you no. As long as you have the right mindset it's possible, your body will follow and it helps drive you to success. I am proud to be a Junior, Communications student with a minor in Kinesiology. great wide reciever at Jacksonville University.



Brian Burnett

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