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- Posing Coach: looking to excel in your fitness and bodybuilding completions? Allow Top Notch to help take you to the next level.

- Corporate Wellness: train at your business or our private studio. Exercise prescription focuses on the needs of the group.

- Mobile Training: we will travel to you, so there is no excuse to not become your best you.

- Online Coaching: designed to assist those who are local and non local.

- Personalized Nutrition Plan: for those in need of a personalized eating regiment.

- Custom Workout Regiment: if you have a home gym or already have a membership and looking to implement an individualized training regiment this service is for you.

- Inspirational Speaking: Book now! There aren't any service charges associated with this service to speak locally, only mileage.

- Wellness Consultant: advise those interested in starting their own business in health and or fitness.

All Services come with two payment options. Contract or Non-Contract, please read below to find the option that best fits your needs

Contract- client will be charged monthly and will receive ongoing consultation and

accountability services while fulfilling their agreement to help them reach their goals

more efficiently.

Non Contract- client won't be charged monthly because they must pay in full at



There is a one time registration for contractual arrangements and an enhancement fee per year for all non AND contractual members.

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