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Modified workouts, partner workouts, high intense workouts for your body types, power

yoga fitness and much more!

Top Notch Sports & Fitness provides classes for the following:


Under 18






65 and older

Specialized Programs Include:

- Corrective Exercises:  enhances and focuses on the longevity of health through physical fitness.

- Prehabiliation Training: for anyone looking to implement preventative maintenance training.

- Power Yoga: fitness included in our clients warm ups and cool downs, we teach all clients the proper method of stretching prior to training and after their class or session.

- Pre and Post Natal Workouts

- Athletic Developmental Training for Beginners

- Athletic Performance Conditioning for Intermediate to Advance

- Private training:  If you rather train one on one and not in a group or class setting.

- Bodybuilding: Looking to pursue bodybuilding? Learn how to achieve your goal with Top Notch Fitness.

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