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Coach T

LaTonya Hopson better known as Coach T, has been a holistic life coach for nine years. She received her Masters of Science in Sports Administration, and is currently preparing for her figure competition. Her specialization in training is in personal holistic wellness, life coaching, strength conditioning, geriatric fitness, athletic development/performance, weight loss, rehabilitation training, and weight lifting. In 2013-2014 LaTonya helped revamp the FIT ministry at First Church Hopewell  helping the ladies lose weight as well as change their lifestyle. Along with Top Notch Fitness and training she also serves as the weightlifting and track coach for Lee High School since 2015. Her primary focus is to design customize programs for each client and  is to enhance well being, encourage positivity, will power, and physical fitness. But most importantly share the Gospel and uplift others in their process of striving to live healthier. 

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